Blogging: not a piece of cake

Caramba! I did not realize how difficult it is to write a blog! My little friend PeeWee the Pygmy goat had such a way with words. He could chat on and on all day which, at times,  would drive the rest of us “loco”, crazy. Tio Barnaby would always be grumbling under his breath: “pesky little chatterbox”. I would tell PeeWee to be quiet or Tio Barnaby would butt him, but PeeWee would just look up at me with a twinkle in his eye and say “I know, Nikki. But it is so much fun to annoy ‘im. ‘e is so easy to tease, I cannot ‘elp myself.” (He never could pronounce the “H”)

We have had some pretty cold weather lately, cold for South Texas that is. It has been a long time since our water trough froze, and the grass crunched under our hooves. Fortunately, I have a nice warm winter coat, as well as a nice barn to sleep it. The barn is more like a metal structure covered by a big heavy  tarp that keeps the cold wind out in the winter but allows the cool summer breeze to blow through when rolled up. The horses have their own stalls but they like to stay outside. Not me. Night time comes and it’s back to the barn and close the door. Don’t want to be coyote chow! Although I don’t think they hang around much anymore since our noisy next door neighbor shoots off his guns all the time. Vecino latoso. Bothersome neighbor. Our little pasture used to be so nice and quiet before he moved in.

Well, I think that’s all for today. Promise I’ll try to write. more often. Hasta luego! See ya later!

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