Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day when ‘umans are supposed to remember┬áze brave men and women who valiantly served zeir country and gave ze ultimate sacrifice, zeir lives. I say “supposed to” because, unfortunately, many Americans have forgotten ze meaning of “Memorial Day”. To zem it is no more zan anozer ‘oliday, anozer opportunity to pursue zeir recreational enveadors or shop at ze malls where merchants offer Memorial Day bargains.

Quel dommage! What a pity! To forget zose to whom you owe your freedom and your liberties is very sad. In other countries of ze world, zey do not forgot so easily. In France, Remembrance Day or Armistice Day, held on November 11th, is very important. All ze villages in France erect memorials for those who died during ze wars, particularly Ze Great War or WWI.

It is my ‘ope that you will remember┬áze fallen soldiers. And do not forget ze animals who also served and died for you and your freedom.

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