‘ave you ever ‘ad an itch you cannot scratch? I tink it is one of ze most annoying tings in life. You itch, you itch, you itch, but you just cannot reach zat itchy spot and it is driving you crazy! And ze culptrits of all zis? Lice! Yes, lice. Zose tiny little pesky insects zat crawl about your skin driving you mad. Fortunately, Lovey finds ze time to brush us goats once a week (she is a little bit too busy to do it every day, alzough zat would be really nice), which ‘elps very much. She also dusts us wiz someting zat makes ze lice go away for a little while, but zey always seem to come back. Maybe some day someone will invent someting zat will get rid of zose pesky lice once and for all!


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