A Long Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a very busy time at ze ranch. Zer is always very much to do, and always not enough time to do it in, especially when everyting falls on ze shoulders of one person. Lovey (zis is ze name zat my friend Chewbakka ze cat has given her) does a good job taking care of ze ranch on her own. In spite of all ze work, she always finds time to spend with us goats. She knows I especially like it when she scratches my back. C’est bon! C’est bon! It is so good! 

Please forgive my accent. I am trying very ‘ard to pronounce ze English “th”, I just cannot seem to get my tongue to co-operate. “The” always seems to come out as “ze”, and “thing” comes out as “ting”. Ze ozer goats tink it is very funny and tease me a lot, but I don’t care. I just tell zem zat if zey tried to speak French, zey would sound funny, too. N’est ce pas? True, no?


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