Ze rain – Ze rain

Ze rain, ze rain, she never stops! My ‘ooves, zey are getting soft because of so much water. Being a goat, you know, I do not like all zis wet weazer. We goats prefer it dry. When it is dry, you do not get zat smelly fungus between your toes. What do you call it? Trash? No, zat is what Lovey takes out at night. Alzough, it too can be smelly at times (LOL). Truck? No, zat is what Lovey uses to get ze feed from ze feed store. Trush? Some ‘ow zat still doesn’t seem right. Oh, I know! Zrush. Yes. I ‘eard my Quarter ‘orse friend Squeaky talking about it ze ozer day, as well as somezing else ‘e called “Foot Rot”. I found a picture on ze Internet to show you. Nasty looking, n’est ce pas? I am just glad Lovey has nice dry sheds where we goats can lay down and watch ze rain, and sing (in French, of course) “Il pleut, il pleut, bergere, ramene tes moutons…”

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